My Life is a Novel

Micheline Roger

In each family one can find a modest existence, somebody humble who helps you to pass through life, or, at least, across an arm of a river transformed into torrent. Such was Micheline, a cousin whom my father brought to us just after my mother’s departure to Germany, when I was eleven – a woman without harshness, without facets, like a diamond before cutting. In her flat I discovered old copies of Jules Verne’s books. Much later I understood that she was the daughter of Uncle Roger (the brother of the of my father’s mother) killed during World War I, in Verdun.

Vitali Romanov

Baritone at the Opera of Leningrad, able to sing wonderfully the oldest Russian melodies, as well as Don Juan by Mozart or even The Black Eyes (“Ochi tchornaia, ochi gutchia…”), Vitali landed once at the « Tsarevitch ». Since then, he has taught at the Conservatory of Music, and sung many recitals.He’s a great artist, with an intense force of spiritual meditation, whom I have the great honour to count among my friends.

Nadine de Rothschild

Widow of Edmond de Rothschild, grand-son of my Edmond de Rothschild, the baroness received me once in her mansion on rue de l’Elysée, near the official residence of the French President. She wanted to propose that my thesis be … rewritten by somebody as famous as Mr. Marek Halter. Was I right to publish it (not changing a great deal) with Editions du Rocher? The future will tell.

Dominique de Roux

Eminence Grise of the French Literary world, Dominique was quite a character ! Always in rebellion and creation, troublemaker but a dandy, Dominique de Roux founded a fascinating collection ( Cahiers de l’Herne) before dying, of a heart attack , after having being sent to Mozambique by Chauvel for television. Thanks to him, I knew Julius Evola and did an interview with him for my first book, Ave Lucifer. Dominique helped me when Evola turned against me, because he always accepted full responsibility for his choices, his curiosity, his liaisons even when dangerous…

Salomé la Chatte

My sweet Salome had chosen me, jumping on my knees. I took her, loved her, and now miss her, with her nature of a touching, talkative, capricious Siamese.

Toni Savignano et Giovanella Bruno di Belmonte

Toni and I have known eachother for more than thirty years now. He covered the feasts in Iran (1971) for his paper, Il Giornale, investigated the beauty of the girls and we were so pleased to listen to his morning « Alorrrra », mixed with the most brazen compliments of your charm and beauty (if you were a girl) which enlivened your day. Since, we had a wonderful time in Paris or Rome, and I lived in his Roman flat that he lent me many times. He introduced me to the woman of his life, Giovanella, a painter in trompe-l’œil, who also knows how to adorn life with loving embellishments.

Giovanella is reading a tale to my daughter.

Pierre Schaeffer

When Pierre Schaeffer (1910-1996) saw me the first time, I wore a nice dress with a sailor’s collar, that impressed him so much that he remembered that to me all his life. I went to his house for an interview about the Guru Gurdjieff whom he had known, for my book, Ave Lucifer. Then, he asked me to work at the TV Research Department that he had founded in 1960, after having participated in the fights for the Liberation of Paris and having founded and directed the Radio for France’s overseas territories and departments (1953). « Father of Concrete Music » with Pierre Henri, he published many books, on Communication Machines, and had many discussions on “the pollution of information” with sociologist Marshall McLuhan. With this son of Dominicans and Cartesianism, I learned everything I know about television, manipulation and freedom. The structures and systems ground him down, nonentities bumped him off, but he won, because of the seeds he sowed and ferments he put in place.
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