Syrian Branch :
Joseph Antebi, son of Jacob (1787-1846), hero of the Damascus Case (1840), and descendant of very famous rabbis of Aleppo and Damascus. Esther Catran, related to the Totah family. They are the parents of Albert, my grandfather.

Branch from Lorraine :
Victor Salomon and Eugenie Weyl. Her mother was Babette Wormser. Their daughter Henriette married Albert Antebi, whose story is told in L’Homme du Sérail (NiL, 1996) (The Jewish Pasha, Crawford Publishing Cy).

Italian Branch :
Baron Scotti was from the branch of family that originated from the region of the Lakes.
Austrian Branch :
Maria-Philomène Praindl was born in Austria (Tyrol) at Igls, near Innsbrück.
My mother, Adrienne
(1912-), born at Budapest.
II am born July 13, 1945 , iin Paris 15e, at 19 p.m., for the first celebration of 14th of July after the Liberation.
My Father, Gaston Antébi
(1900-1984), born at Neuilly/
Seine, parachutist SAS.
References :
Charlotte,my daughter, born in 1988, and her father, Patrick Dufour.
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