1996-1997 : Training courses to learn the use of different programs, such as: Photoshop, Première, Director, Flash, SoundEdit, GoLive, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Word ; basics of Flash and lingo ; HTML and XML My objective was to be commissioned to conceive and direct Web Sites and CD-ROMs. Conception and creation of a Web site on Pierre Schaeffer

1998-1999 : Worked with Claude Lepage, the founder of the Laboratory of New Technologies at EPHE-Sorbonne, on the graphic design of EPHE’s Web site.

December 31, 1999

My writing to recommend Mrs Elizabeth Antébi […] is far to be only an administrative rite.

[…] A overview over her CV lets clearly appear the uppermost level of a particular sort of scholar capable of any original popularization. Furthermore these knowledge, experience and abilities happen to match brightly to secure the production of the planned interactive CD-ROM.

Mrs Antébi has all the required experience for such a project, which would have needed the co-operation of quite a few people in any other circumstances.[…] She uses archives with a scholarly accuracy and an unbelievable talent : may I recall my reading of the book “L’Homme du Sérail” with much pleasure, interest and admiration. Her recent doctoral qualification in my severe Institute is another outstanding preparation for her project.

Mrs Antébi’s most original technical and professional background as an editor and writer in various traditional and up-to-date media is gathering also the whole requested technical and artistic know-how, together with the feeling to conceive and create demonstrative images, sounds, music, and texts, with the sophisticated hierarchy, both intellectual and technical, of the story she wants to tell to all of us – scholars or less “educated” citizen.

My particular position as both a researcher in the traditional field of the Byzantine studies, and my practical experience – I could have used the word “adventure” – at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE), at Sorbonne, in promoting, teaching, and managing the new digital technologies and all their connected issues, are providing me with a special touch of expertise to confirm the importance and the feasibility of Mrs Antébi’s project, and allows me to point out the exceptional set of abilities of the applicant. All these facts secure her reaching the goal of her new intellectual and technical challenge.

I have been working months long with Mrs Antébi around the same computer desk.

Mrs Antébi is a person with a very rarely met palette of gifts and qualities. Should I have in my institution the administrative possibility to offer her the position for her project, I would not have had the pleasure to write this letter.

Claude Lepage, Professor
Head of the Gabriel Millet Institute for Byzantine and East Christian Art Studies.
Head and Founder of the Laboratoire des Nouvelles Technologies pour la Recherche et la Communication (New Digital Technologies for Research and Communication) of the EPHE, at Sorbonne.

OCTOBER 1999 at Rocca di Pappa, near Rome, I presented the CD-ROM on Jesuit Pedagogy in Europe to the principals of 300 European Jesuit high schools, as well as to the representatives of the Educational Department of the Company of Jesus. The CD-ROM was available in three languages: English, French and Spanish (Les jésuites transmettent leurs secrets aux laïcs/Roots for tomorrow/Jesuitas y laicos) :

“A fascinating version. I congratulate you on such a successful production”, wrote the General Secretary of Jesuit Education in Rome, Father Gabriel Codina, s.j. "I must congratulate you on a very fine and imaginative piece of work with tremendous possibility for the future", wrote Rev. Alan Harrison, s.j., delegate for the Jesuit Education Office in London.

November 2001, Creation of a Web site, “The Uninterrupted Seminar” for Professor Gérard Nahon :

Conception and Direction of the CD-ROM Jewish Journeys in France. Co-author. Hundreds of Photos available on the subject. The finished CD is not yet available, due to a conflict with the producer .

2002 : Press review on-line for Keypress Agency

Conference at the Faculty of Religious Sciences, at Saint-Joseph University, Beyrouth, invited by the Rector, Father Louis Boisset, s.j., on the theme : « How to use multimedia for a dialogue between Religions ? ». Project of a DVD-ROM on The Mediterranean Sea : Myth or Memory ? and the project the Invisible Heritage

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DVD-romThe Mediterranean Sea : Myth or Memory ?
DVD - The Invisible Heritage

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