CUISINE DE A à Z, (« A to Z Cooking Review »)

Article : Ancient Greeks Ate the English wayes
Yes, indeed, I think that a lady called Fran,çoise Burgot asked me once to write for her magazine this very sophisticated article on Ancient Greek (and then, on Roman) Cooking. A way to use my Bachelor’s Degree in both French Literature and the Classics ... Read the article



I wrote articles for the Womens magazine Elle, on the Devil and health food, in the early 1970s. But the press for women was not really my cup of tea:

Articles :

Health Food Restaurants
From Moliere on there have been two types of humanity : people « eating in order to live, and people living in order to eat. Now, a third species is appearing: they want to eat healthily, in order to better survive. That kind of phenomenon goes beyond the problems of digestion to reach, through carrot juices and brown rice, ethics and metaphysics. Elizabeth Antébi wanted to find out why.

Devil by auction
an article with an interview of the painter Lavisse, just after my book Ave Lucifer.



In the Fall of 1967, I took a job at the Express, in the Literary column, as a secretary, and that was a cul-de-sac and not at all the introduction to the Seraglio, as I had naively thought. I wrote also for other magazines, and one of my first interviews was on the caricaturist Siné, anarchist and fan of cats, who offered me a drawing … on my back, for the illustration of the article.

Then, at the Express, I published my first reports, whose two interviews appeared in the most prestigious column of the paper, “The Express goes further with” ; those particular interviews were with Scottish anti-psychiatrist Ronald Laing (to read the Article) and American architect Buckminster Fuller.

With Buckminster Fuller
« The Express Magazine goes Further with Buckminster Fuller»

My first article, on Arrabal, at the beginning of 1969 :

and an article on Magic:

Articles :

  • The Express Magazine goes Further with Buckminster Fuller, Read the Article
  • The Express Magazine goes Further with Ronald Laing, Read the Article
  • Is there anybody there ?, Read the Article
  • Arrabal, the Pocket Blue-Beard ,
  • The computer will decide the end for Oedipus-Rex,
  • The Puppett Guignol will not die,

« The Night of the Devil » February 23, 1982 – at the very fashionable, at the time, Bus Palladium with the painter Cueva who did the “fresk” : Nora Sagnes, Frédéric de Towarnicki and me..



Article : New Year’s Eve Supper for the Year 2000

For the 21st December1985 issue, Figaro-Magazine asked me to imagine a biotechnological New Year’s Eve supper, with (photo above) :

1. Alginate Caviar: gel extracted from seaweed and combined together into the wonderful « little eggs » by Satia (branch of Sanofi-Elf-Bioindustrie). From the same, Vegetarian grilled meat carrot-based, in puree with no added fibre and stabilizer thanks to alginates again. 2. Reconstituted white sausage, and pâté of raw and cooked fish, guaranteed boneless, and done with fish, first ground, to be, then, recombined. 3. Mousse of hypocaloric liver. 4. Terrine of chicken-soya : 10% chicken fat with vegetable proteins taking the form of a chicken (INRA, Nantes). 5. Protein chicken : no more chicken at all, just a vegetable protein mixture taking the form of a chicken. Chicken of that (third) type was tested by firms such as Unilever and Marlowe Foods (Great-Britain). The taste of chicken is given by a flavouring agent. 6. Ratatouille of giant cloned vegetables : a dream of science-fiction recreation, using just a single cell, an entire organism in unlimited quantities. Eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, red or green peppers, artichokes born at the INRA, in Avignon. 6. The prototype goose: genetically improved, its perfection will be available at any time of the year, thanks to the Experimental Goose Station INRA at Mont-de-Marsan. 7. Very sophisticated pears and apples: Produced by Delbard, expert in … roses. They are the resultof genetic selection and improvements at a very high level of technology. 8. Gum Yule log : A xanthane-based Yule log, made with the gum given by Rhône-Poulenc. Produced by a bacterium, the gum xanthane is a thickening and stabilizing agent of high quality. 9. Seaweed cherries: alginates again, « embossed » by Satia. ...Read the Article


The Folly of the State, Read the Article



Still at the Express, I started a collaboration as a free-lance writer with the « charming magazine » Lui of which Jean Demachy was director and Jean-Pierre Binchet was editor-in-chief. At the time of my report on Artificial Intelligence, two of the “fathers” of that so-called “intelligence” (one of them was John McCarthy) offered me my portrait done by a form-recognizing computer – a big “first” for the 1970s:

Probably, it was in Lui that I published my best articles: as, generally speaking, the audience used to put the emphasis (and the eye) on the charming unclothed women, the funny introductory paragraphs of the articles permitted indeed a degree of freedom of tone and a length very unusual in the press.

When I snared a new fish for them, the form of my co-author of Les Filles de Madame Claude, Anne de Boismilon – for the articles on Dun/Auron, on Gotha, on writer-couples -, Jean Demachy, a very sweet man and a real gentleman (hard to come by today) offered us princely travels, in Rome, Austria or … central France.


Hello Magic, I call you from the Dark (1969)

«Auscultation of the Occult and exploration of the dark »

Magic and black masses, spiritism and mysticism, more or less secret, more or less religious sects: in our world of today, still, one can use a kit of doctrines and methods to invoke the fearsome powers of the world beyond. . Elizabeth Antébi has brought together for you a great many practitioners or formidable masters of all kinds of occult rites, and reports the extent of practice. As a modern medium, she delivers here the messages of the kingdom of the shadows... Read the Article

City of Nowhere (1976),
« When yesterday was the day before yesterday, or anti-psychiatry discovered long before Freud »
The history of “family placing” as an alternative to hospitalization, existing from 1892 on, at Gheel in Belgium, Dun-sur-Auron in France.

... Read the Article

Losing Momentum for Gotha (October 1977)
« Will the last Aristocrats die poor? »
The grand fortunes, inherited from a glorious past, have no future. The present times do them no favours: the blue blooded are being bled dry. Lui, has looked right across Europe at the survival of the last Aristocrats, and recorded the last convulsions of this “cheetah”, that modern jungle has reduced to gilded poverty.

A Pair of Plumes – oh dear! (1977)
« Report Writer Couples»

The Folly of the State (1977),

« Goulags, camps, mental hospitals : the horrors of Russian roulette ».
Soljenitsyne, Pliouschtch, Boukovski, Amalrik : political prisoners for « deviation » …Elizabeth Antébi, whose book Droit d’asiles en Union Soviétique (The Right of Asylum(s) in the Soviet Union) which has just been published, didn’t hesitate to throw herself, for her report, into the lion’s mouth...
Read the Article

The Valley of the Trendies (Octobre 1982)

"Journey into California, to the Mecca of the tycoons of the chips and the cheap"

Silicon Valley : with silicon, you make chips, and with chips, computers’ brain and nerves. A chip and a gold rush – the West, where you can meet more billionaires per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world! Elizabeth Antébi, who will publish next November in Hologramme, The Electronic Epoch , met the gods of High Tech .... Read the Article

Risk and Adventure : Capital-Venture (1983)

« The Rock stars of the 80s » : that’s the name given in the States to this very special new race of businessmen, whose ideas are new in Europe as well, the « venture-capitalists ».... Read the Article


MAGAZINE LITTERAIRE, (« Literary magazine »)

At the time, too, I was working regularly, as a free-lance writer, with the Magazine Littéraire by Jean-Jacques Brochier. In 1968, I published a report on the artist, writer, moviemaker Roland Topor. The following year, I did one on his friend, the Spanish play-writer Fernando Arrabal :

I also wrote about the dictatorship of colonels in Greece, at the time when Vassili Vassilikos published his book (later made into a film)  Z. Approximately at the same time, I shot a film on well-known Greeks living in Paris; art gallery director Iris Clerc, professor Ilios Yannakakis, movie-maker Niko Papatakis and actress Melina Mercouri.

With Vassilikos (g.) and Mercouri (dr.)



My experience with the very leftist Matin de Paris was interesting though quite brief : I participated in the trial issue (February 19, 1977), before realizing that I was not really as hemiplegic as the « elite » around me would have liked –not political enough, too philosophical… When re-reading my article ‘The State is the Big Winner’, I find that it was quite premonitory of what was happening at that time, in the field of the virtual.

   Issue n° 0. And my article :    

Games : The State is the Big Winner, Read the Article


NOTRE HISTOIRE, ("Our history")

 Articles :

Factories for the Elite: Jesuit pedagogy, Read the Article

  The article on Jesuit Pedagogy has been then reproduced in a book, Jesuits, in 1996, published by Desclée de Brouwer, pp. 111-121. I had already published a beautiful coffee table book on the History of Jesuits, throughout the entire world (New World included), from their origins to the present, Pour la plus grande gloire de Dieu (“For a Higher Glory of God”), with a foreword by Father O’Malley, s.j., Theological School of Cambridge (USA), who quotes me in his book The First Jesuits.


Edmond de Rothschild, patron of the Jews in Palestine, Read the Article

I published this article while preparing my Ph D on the same subject. It prompted the former chief-gardener of Baron Edmond to write me a very moving letter, giving more intimate details about the Baron. Most of the photos illustrating the article (as in the CD-ROM on Jesuit Pedagogy), were taken by myself.


At the time of the writing of Les Filles de Madame Claude (« Call Girls of Madame Claude »), a lot of magazines asked me to write for them. For New Adam, (the Nouvel Adam), and others, I did interviews of many great artists, such as the singer and “Muse of the poets” Juliette Gréco, who offered me delicious cherries in alcohol.…

Article : Juliette Gréco or the key for women


   My first article was published, thanks to the writer and journalist Guy Dumur, in Le Nouvel Observateur n° 167 of January 24, 1968, page 32. It was on the poet and painter Jean Cocteau on whom I was preparing a Diploma in Art History. At the same time, the legendary Director of the daily France-Soir, Pierre Lazareff, accepted a serial on authors of suspense writing and thrillers, with interviews and portraits of James Hadley Chase, Patricia Highsmith, Georges Simenon, and others…
Article : A magic blotting-paper : Jean Cocteau


There, I published a profile of Jacques Chancel, one of the most popular French TV hosts and presenters.
Article : Jacques Chancel... Read the Article


The history of this article was a little weird. How did I end up, early one morning, in the sad suburb of Bois-Colombes with all these strange people, with shaven heads and eyes rolling upward, smelling of that kind of socks odour usual in human jumbles ? Because of photographer François Gagnon who was a friend and who had asked me to write an article for his photos on that Austrian community, adepts of the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich. Again a prophecy of the times of today…

Article : The A.A. are among us. .... Read the Article
They are 500 living in what they call Year 2000. Money, work, climax and children – they put everything together for the well-being of the community…



Articles :

Listening to the sacred drums : purification through mud and water

In 1979, I wrote the commentary on photos of the mud ceremonies in Haïti, taken by the great voodoo photographer Chantal Regnault.

Chantal Regnault, Princesse Brigitte Beauharnais-Romanovski and I.

Chantal took also a photo of me with Mother Teresa when I was her translator during a visit to:

Last reports on West Indies and Guyanas (here, with people of the Saramacas tribe, and behind a kind of monkey called the Lazy:)

Vaudou : des pélerins pas comme les autres ...., Read the Article



At the portals of Nouvel Observateur and Matin de Paris, I happened to meet an atypical director of papers, who then founded a magazine devoted to ecology and alternative culture, which were just emerging at the time. His name was Alain Hervé. He hired me and I wrote for Le Sauvage, until its demise because of money problems and because of the deep originality of his founder. I often miss our free and passionate discussions, our diverging analysis, at a time where you could discuss ideas, very openly.

Articles :


Waiting for Hitler : an interview with Arnold Toynbee, Read the Article

Earth Chronicles
Eco-fiction : a planet full of monsters, the Earth. Read the Article

Burst of laughter : last interview with Alan Watts. 1974, Read the Article



TEMPS STRATEGIQUE, (« Strategic Times »)

In Switzerland, the Director of that superb magazine, Claude Monnier, asked me to do an interview with the poet, Kenneth White, living in France :

Kenneth White, visionary traveller, “poet to the edge of the word", Read the Article



After the publication by Hologramme of my books on the popularization of sciences and technology, I wrote articles for Usine nouvelle, from time to time, as a free-lance writer,.

I published there, for example, two articles on the History of Electronics, the theme of my book The Electronic Epoch (Van Nostrand Reinhold, November 1982).

Articles :
History of Electronics 1, Read the Article
History of Electronics 2,
Read the Article

VALEURS ACTUELLES, (“Values of Today”)

In 1970, I wrote articles for this publication, under the penname of Eric Dorian, on Love Story by Erich Segal, Galsworthy’s Forsythe Saga as a TV soap opera, the actress Arletty, and on Jacques Isorni, lawyer of Maréchal Pétain. But the collaboration, dare I say it, in the magazine by the author of the despicable and especially anti-Semitic History of Music, Lucien Rebattet, convinced me to write elsewhere. Again, it was not my cup of tea.



July 1, 1977-January 31, 1978, I was international reporter at VSD. I made a bet with someone that I was able to stay and to sit in an office, as a salaried employee. I did it !

Politics is a product like any other, you have to sell it well : publicist J. Séguéla
Read the Article

In the issue of the 20th of January 1978, at the time of the debates around a possible successor for Leonid Brejnev, an article by Vladimir Boukovski was published on the subject. Its translation was attributed to Elizabeth Antébi. As I don’t know a word of Russian, it was a way of thanking me for the scoop : indeed, I had obtained the article, flying to Great-Britain to do an interview with the well-known dissident, who only agreed to do it, to excuse himself for the way he had banished me from any conference, when arriving in London, just after he was exchanged with the Chilian secretary of the Communist Party Corvalan, on the 18th of December 1976, at the Zurich airport. I tell this anecdote in the, book Droit d’Asiles en Union Soviétique (“The Right of Asylum(s) in Soviet Union”).

Moscow, I returned there to do an article published by VSD, in its 17th of November 1977 issue

Sarcelles-on-Moskova .... Read the Article
At the time of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Red Revolution, we visited 300 French technicians and workers constructing an 1848 room hotel in Moscow.


At the end of May 1971, for French Broadcast, I went with William Skyvington to a Congress of Futurology in the utopian city of Arc-et-Senans. Futurology was, at the time, a very fashionable discipline. It was a blend of predictions and forecasting, fortune-telling and mathematical laws. The big boss was a giant who looked like an ogre out of a fairytale, Hermann Kahn.

Another man, with whom I did interviews, gifted with a Viennese charm but giving the shivers, the inventor of the H-Bomb, Edward Teller.



At the end of the 1970s, I wrote articles for Publicist Agency “Publicis”. In the 1980s, for “Copexen”. I participated in the creation of a Newspaper, Siemenscope. After the publication of The Electronic Epoch (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1981), Avnet asked me to write an historical account of the society for its Annual Report.



1999 : after the Ph. D., I presented material at many conferences and published academic articles.

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